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These activities are designed to stimulate your children’s love for learning.

We provide the following enrichment activities for our students to enjoy:


Serving as a creative outlet for many of our students, this learning center is a great place for children to express the ideas and the emotions that they have. We provide them with different materials that they can use for their art. The main benefits of this center are the improvement of motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

children playing at the table
Dramatic Play:

Our dramatic play learning center allows children to act in their desired characters and interact with the other children while they are in character. This center promotes creativity and self-expression as well.


With the help of our sensory learning center, children can learn about the different types of materials and share their enjoyment with their peers. To broaden the child’s play experiences and encourage their creativity, we provide various materials such as sand, water, birdseed, etc.


Our science center brings the outdoor experiences inside as the children are encouraged to explore the nature of science and its concepts. We use this center to help the children understand the importance of the environment.

Music & Movement:

Encouraging the children to be physically active, our music and movement center gives each child the opportunity to experiment and enjoy the wonders of sound and music. Along with the art and dramatic learning center, the main focus of this one is promoting self-expression and creativity.


Having a nice and quiet environment to read can help children in exploring their interest in literature and the world that is around them. This learning center helps cultivate their reading abilities and comprehension as well.


The main draw of this learning center is to promote and nourish the child’s literacy development and ability. This is done through the use of child-initiated activities. We understand how important it is to have good writing skills and we strive to make sure that each child has the ability necessary to succeed.

Table Toys:

A center that primarily uses blocks, puzzles, and other manipulative items, the table toys learning center emphasizes on improving the child’s logical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

smiling kid with books in front